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Founded in 1996, Inhand Equine Therapy specializes in the optimization of health and improvement of performance in equine and canine athletes through a holistic approach led by owner Tina Watkins (E.S.T. E.E.B.W 3).

Firm in the belief that the more one learns of the function of the body, the more one learns there is so much more yet to be discovered, Inhand is always striving to learn and grow.

Inhand Equine Therapy works very closely as an integral part of an athlete’s wellness team including veterinarians, farriers, equine dentists, and trainers, to develop a plan of action that will address good health and increase performance of the entire animal. This commitment to working in conjunction with the entire wellness team of each client is rooted in the knowledge that interaction of the entire team provides that most benefit to each equine and canine athlete – not simply the management of isolated symptoms. 

Each athlete’s time with Inhand includes a consultation to address ongoing and/or new issues, a soft tissue session, a static and dynamic postural assessment and other modalities as required to complete an entire body evaluation. Areas requiring improvement are identified and working in conjunction with riders, owners and the horse’s health care team, exercise plans are developed combining good health and equine/canine physiology to achieve the goals for performance.

Inhand’s owner, Tina Watkins, is a fully insured professional therapist; she utilizes nutritional knowledge and training, herbal and homeopathic supplements, massage, aromatherapy, myofacial release, craniosacral therapy, acupressure, red light therapy, stretching, crystal therapy, Kinesiology tape, exercise programs and spinal range of motion in all sessions to reach ultimate levels of good health.

Having knowledge in different modalities of soft tissue treatment enables Inhand to bring a varied approach to deal with muscle soreness and dysfunction. Because not all problems in a body will respond to one modality, Inhand’s wide array of experience and tools allows the flexibility to work with athletes in the best form for them. 

“To know that one soul has breathed easier because you have lived – that is to succeed.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Tina Watkins EST EEBW3

Beginning her practice in 1996, Tina Watkins EST EEBW3, combined her passion for horses and her desire to be in the complementary healing industry. 

Tina specializes in the optimization of health and improvement of performance in equine and canine athletes through a holistic approach. She uses a multiple modality approach, where she is able to customize therapies to facilitate the greatest degree of healing for the animal. A true student of wellness, one of Tina’s core values is continuous study, this has introduced her too many teachers and modalities making her education and experience truly well rounded. Believing that animal wellness and peak performance is only achieved by creating a wellness team around the athlete, Watkins has made it a priority to develop relationships with other professionals in the industry. These relationships have not only enhanced the care given to the animal but increased knowledge and understanding of how an integrated approach is key to wellbeing. In the last decade, Tina has began speaking and educating. Fellow therapists, trainers and horse owners alike have raved about her dynamic style, and how her passion comes through her lectures. 

Kim Krebs EST EEBW

My passion for horses started when we moved to Dawson Creek and through the lease of a friend’s old gelding, I started riding when I was 12.  I started out as a pleasure rider before becoming involved in showing at local open shows in dressage, western pleasure and trail.  I’ve since moved onto showing cutting horses for the last 18 years. 

From riding in those early days, my passion grew and I enjoyed the aspects of training a horse and learning new things so I enrolled in Olds College after high school and took both the western training major as well as the entrepreneurship and rural small business major (1997-2000).  As part of my externship with the Equine program I went to Australia for three months and worked for a Campdraft family as well as a thoroughbred trainer.  I’ve worked for Larry Sands (Non-pro cutting horse trainer in central Alberta, summer of 1997), Brad Pedersen (Cutting and Cow Horse Trainer in Lacombe, 1999-2001) and Doug Reinhardt (Cutting horse trainer from Irricana, 2005-2012).  For these trainers I worked as their loper/barn managers looking after up to 20+ head of horses at home and at shows. 

Through my work at these training barns I felt that there was more I could be doing to help these athletes achieve their utmost abilities, so through people I knew had taken the BC College of Equine Therapy course, I enrolled and strived to learn how to better care for the horses bodies while in training.  I was hooked and loved the work!  While starting my new career I also held administrative positions to help pay for daily bills and in Feb 2013 I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.  This brought my work to a temporary halt as I concentrated on my own health.  Through my healing journey I was introduced to Craniosacral therapy.  Because of the changes I felt through my body while receiving this light touch therapy and from the incredulous results that I achieved that befuddled even my oncology team, I pursued learning this modality for horses.  I love how horses respond to this therapy and the results achieved!

I started my practice up again in 2016 slowly working with a few horses as I gained my strength back.  Knowing I wanted a refresher and also to learn new aspects of the industry, I enrolled in the Equinology program and this past December earned my designation with them after completing the externship.  My education will certainly not stop here as I am a firm believer in continuing education and learning always from other team members in this industry. 

‘The Journey of Lifelong Learning’ 
Is a core value of Inhand Equine Therapy. 
To quote Dr. Kerry Ridgeway – one of the greatest mentors Tina Watkins of Inhand Equine Therapy has had the opportunity to study with, 
“Today’s truths are tomorrow’s fallacies.” 
Thus the commitment of Inhand Equine Therapy to the journey of lifelong learning.
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Tina Watkins E.S.T. E.E.B.W 2

100 194053 128st W

Foothills, AB

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Directions to Tina's:

take 22x west, past Spruce Meadows,  the school, and Equi Products

look for 69st on the green sign or 128st on the blue sign. Turn left there. Down that road 2 km on the right.

You can meet Tina through the pink door. Massage clinic is on the right side of the driveway.


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