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Equine Soft Tissue Session - with Tina Watkins EESTEEBW3

During your equine soft tissue session he/she will receive a full body soft tissue session. Your horses’ requirements will be individually assessed and a soft tissue plan will be developed. This program will be sport and individual need specific.

The modalities available for sessions include; massage, myofacial release, crystal therapy, acupressure, cranial sacral therapy, photonic therapy, stretching, aromatherapy, kinesio-taping and range of motion. The horse will be the director of their session as Tina assesses the tissue and decides on a course of action.

On your horses’ soft tissue session Tina will do an assessment of your horse. Each horse owner is left with an individualized program of stretching and exercise therapy that is specific to the needs found during the body work session. This way the owner is empowered to keep working on the horses healing at home. - $140.00

Trainers receive a $15.00 savings on their personal horses’ sessions.

For Sessions that require Tina to travel and an overnight stay, the fee will be $160.00 per session. Travel accommodation and food expense is an additional fee that will be split between participants.

Intensive Soft Tissue Program – if you require several sessions in a row purchase the 3 session package and receive 50% off your third session. Sessions must be used within a 6 week time period, and prepaid at the time of the first session.

Equine Soft Tissue Session - with Kim Krebs EST EEBW $90 + Call out fee

Once contacted for an equine session with me, I will have you submit some paperwork to better understand your horse’s needs prior to arriving on site.  I specifically will ask about current and previous health conditions, any previous bodywork, husbandry care, current vet care and any other relevant history to your horse.  Once that is established I will have a discussion with you to determine what your goals are in having bodywork done with your horse, are you looking at a program for the year and what are your performance goals for the horse this season? 


When I arrive on site I will perform a static and dynamic assessment of your horse to determine what areas your horse specifically needs attention to.  I will then do a physical palpation of your horses’ tissue as well as feel the rhythm of craniosacral system to mesh what I evaluated in the static and dynamic assessments to what I feel under my hands.  The session will start depending on what the horses needs are, and I will use both massage therapy as well as craniosacral therapy as my main modalities to work on the soft tissue in order to release areas of specific concern felt in the individual horse.  Other modalities such as kinesiology tape may be used as well to help elongate effects of the massage or support tissue that I feel requires it. 


Each session is unique to each horse and to each time the horse is worked on.  I will finish by giving you further information specific to how the session went in order for you to continue with follow up exercises and stretches to ensure your horse gets the utmost help throughout the timeframe before your next session with me. 


As a student of InHand Equine Therapy mentorship program, the assessments and treatment outcomes will be shared with Tina Watkins and any additional guidance she can give will be incorporated into the treatment plan.

Postural Assessment - with Tina Watkins EEST EEBW3

Tina will do a full assessment of your horse. This includes a static and dynamic assessment. This assessment allows Tina to do a complete postural evaluation to develop the appropriate; body work, exercise, range of motion and stretching program for the individual horse. - $75


Movement Analysis - with Tina Watkins EESTEEBW3

Movement analysis is an invaluable tool for a clients knowledge of what is currently happening with their horse. It allows the client to see the restrictions in the horses’ gate, and through this knowledge be able to develop a treatment and riding program that will bring the correct wellness practitioners to the horse. Dependent on how in-depth you would like your analysis and the time involved, the cost fluctuates. The full session is a two hour time slot that involves the owner in every step of the process. This will involve the owner in the horses’ assessment of asymmetries, the movement restrictions, muscle deviations, and signs of stress. This is session also comes with the videos and pictures of their horse showing the asymmetries, emailed to the owner for future reference. This will allow the owner to refer to the videos/photos in the future and see the strides the horse has made with the exercise program Tina has customize for your horse. This service has received great reviews from the test clients that participated. Bookings for those clients that require a quick overview of their horse or a follow up movement assessment, are easily accommodated. This would include the same analysis, without the client involvement portion or the video and picture email portion; cost is $75.00 - $175.00

Saddle Assessment - with Tina Watkins EESTEEBW3

Tina will do a simple saddle assessment session fitting saddles to your horses back in the static position. This may rule out many saddles before we book the complete saddle fitting session. A saddle should never be decided on by static assessment only. The horse is the one true judge of the saddles sure fit, so a movement trial is also need to truly know that we have found the right match; $45 per session.


Complete Saddle Fitting - with Tina Watkins EESTEEBW3

Tina will do a complete analysis of the horses back shape, saddle fit in static and dynamic situations, and create templates for you to use while shopping for a saddle. These templates are appropriate to send to a saddle maker that is doing a custom fit. A full saddle fitting will include watching the rider in the saddle, how the horses’ movement is changed by adding the saddles weight and if the saddle impinges on movement. Video is often used to assess in slow motion what the saddle and the rider are doing as a unit; $110 per session.

**Please note:  A call out fee will be charged to all appointments based on mileage to your barn.  This call out is split between all horses that are being worked on at the barn that day. Tina also has an indoor facility available for those who want to trailer in and not have to incur that fee.

Therapy Products
Trial Program - with Tina Watkins EESTEEBW3

Inhand equine therapy is very pleased to announce a new initiative! 

We have partnered with Equi-products and Greenhawk to bring our clients the chance to try out the therapy products these shops offer. This will allow the client to experience the changes some of these innovative products can make to their horses. 


Tina is really passionate about horse health as are the team members of Greenhawk and Equi-products and we have been working on innovative ways for horse owners to be able to keep the wellness flowing in between your horses treatments. Allowing clients to try some of the therapy solutions on their horses allows the owners and trainers to have confidence in purchasing these wellness investments.


All horse’s respond differently to the new technology’s so to have the chance to feel the response within each horse will be a huge help. There is such a range of products out there and they all have fantastic results but without experiencing them on your individual horse it really is hard to commit to the investment.


Each product is rentable from the individual store for the week. The client is responsible for the product the entire time of the rental as well as bringing the product back to either Tina or the store front. The rental fee will be put towards the purchase price if you do decide to purchase the item. 


The foresight that both Greenhawk and Equi-products have is truly a blessing. Both of these stores are not just about selling product but about bettering the horse community one horse at a time. Both teams jumped on the chance to get products out to the horses and owners that really need them.


See and for full product information.

Watch the Inhand Equine Therapy Facebook page for videos on the products and there benefits. Fees are dependent on the product chosen.

Benefab blanket - Supplied by Greenhawk Calgary

Combining two technologies in one the Benefab blanket is a magnetic therapy unit and a ceramic nano-particles blanket. The later emits far-infrared rays keeping the tissue warm and relaxed. The magnets are placed over key acupuncture points to harmonize and stimulate recovery time. Blood flow is increased and is a powerhouse to reduce pain and stiffness.

Rambo Ionic blanket - Supplied by Equi-products

Tourmaline crystals imbedded in this blanket emit negative ions. This causes a change in the water in the horses’ body and increases blood flow, as the circulation increases so does the oxygen to tissue and the waste products from the tissue.

Rambo Ionic wraps - Supplied by Equi-products

This uses the same technology as the above blanket but in a wrap for the legs.

Ice-Vibe boots - Supplied by Equi-products

Combining the effects of vibrating massage and cooling this boot will stimulate the lymph system to remove soreness and sweeping as well as improve circulation. They can also be used daily to keep the legs tight and ward off injury.

Sportz-Vibe rug - Supplied by Equi-products

This portable massage blanket that is ideal for warm up or recovery. Helps to reduce pain and improve blood flow. It has four removable massage panels imbedded in the blanket.

Centurion Blanket - Supplied by Inhand Equine Therapy

This pulsating magnetic blanket is fabulous for increasing circulation, decreasing pain, and reducing waste products in the muscles, increasing mobility, and increasing overall general wellness. - $25 one time or $125 per week (2 free uses)

Equiband pad - Supplied by Inhand Equine Therapy

This is a core stimulation and strengthening system. The pad is equipped with two resistance bands that activate the core tissue and it does an amazing job of helping the horse to recognize how to better its overall posture. - $5 for one time or $25 for the week.

EquiCrown compression wraps - Supplied by EquiCrown Canada

These Equine compression wraps create both compression and a massage type action on the horses’ legs stimulating faster lymphatic drainage. This fluid removal takes unwanted toxins with it allowing the leg to recover faster.

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Mentorship Program
Inhand Equine Mentorship Program

Inhand Equine Therapy is excited to announce our Mentorship Program!

There is nothing like real time experience when working on tissue to deepen your knowledge and explore what you are feeling under your hands.

But what if you're not sure what you are feeling? Or maybe you know what you're feeling and need a new tool for your toolkit to make the changes you seek.

Tina’s Mentorship Program will:

·   Be specifically designed to your individual requirements or group requirements

·   Allow you to share in Tina’s experience and her ability to connect with individuals will allow you to improve your body work practice by attaining and refining your skill set(s)

·   Help improve your analysis of tissue and biomechanical issues

·   Enhance how and what you feel in the tissue

·   Add tools to your tool belt that create change and help you attain your professional development goals

·   Mentoring is an excellent way to connect, learn and develop understanding and may qualify for PDH


Inhand Equine Mentorship Program is a two-fold initiative that participants can optimize for increasing their knowledge and developing a problem specific specialty.


Part I - 1 on 1 Mentorship

With one on one mentorship, you will receive:

·   Problem Specific Learning.

·   Address a specific biomechanical issue with client animal, or close a basic gap in knowledge.  If possible, Tina will find a horse with a similar problem for hands-on experience.

·   In the session; Tina and student(s) will address; assessments, session planning and soft tissue issues the student may encounter with clients. 

·   Students will add a skill to their tool kit with each session. Each session is customized to the students learning style.


1 on 1 Mentoring - $150.00 /hour for one student or $200/hr for 2 or more people to a maximum of 3 students


**Group sessions available to share the cost. If you have fellow Body Workers, all working on the same problem, let’s have you team up.** Simply approach Tina with the learning goals and number of people that want to learn and she will come up with an individualized program for your group. 


Collaboration is key to success.

**All individuals applying for Mentorship with Inhand Equine must sign the liability disclaimer. Inhand Equine assumes no liability for any incidents related to transportation or your presence at individual barns.  Students must follow all posted rules of individual barns.


Part II – Shadow Day

Join Tina for the day as she works on Client horses. On this day you observe Tina in action and can ask unlimited questions.

As Tina will be working on her clients’ horses, you will gain insight of;

·        Owner/Trainer/Bodyworker relationship building,

  • how to grow synergetic Client relationships that breed results for the horse,

·        how to provide easy to understand explanations for educating Clients on their horses body and needs. 

You will gain new understanding of;

·   How to deliver take home programs to benefit the horse and owner/trainer that adds to building great value in your own business.

·   You will feel tissue that you may not have been able to identify in the past and learn what to do with that tissue. 

·   Your knowledge gaps and strengths will be identified with questions from Tina that will take your practice from good to great when you lean in and make the most of this opportunity. 


Shadow Day - $150.00/ per day (you must provide your own transportation/lunch.)

If you have a passion for anatomy, biomechanics and offering the best for your horse and human clients, this opportunity is for you!


**All individuals applying for Mentorship with Inhand Equine must sign the liability disclaimer. Inhand Equine assumes no liability for any incidents related to transportation or your presence at individual barns.  Students must follow all posted rules of individual barns.

K9 Services
Canine Soft Tissue Session - with Tina Watkins EESTEEBW3

During your dogs soft tissue session he/she will receive a full body soft tissue assessment. Your dogs needs’ will be individually assessed and a soft tissue plan will be developed. The modalities available for sessions include; massage, myofacial release, aromatherapy, acupressure, cranial sacral therapy, photonic therapy, kinesio-taping, stretching, and range of motion. The dog will be the director of their session as Tina evaluates the tissue and decides on a course of action - $95 


On your dogs first session Tina will do a full assessment of your dog. This includes a static and dynamic assessment. This assessment allows Tina to do a complete postural assessment to develop the appropriate body work, exercise and stretching program for the individual dog. A onetime additional charge for this assessment - $40.

Intensive Soft Tissue Program – if you require several sessions in a row, purchase the 3 session package and receive 50% off your third session. Sessions must be used within a 6 week time.

Canine Postural Assessment - with Tina Watkins EESTEEBW3

Tina will do a full assessment of your dog; this includes a static and dynamic assessment. This assessment allows Tina to do a complete postural evaluation to develop the appropriate body work, exercise and stretching program for the individual dog. The cost is $60 for the assessment, without a soft tissue session.

**Please note:  A call out fee will be charged based on mileage to your barn. Tina also has an indoor facility available for those who want come to Watkins Farm.

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Human Services
Channeled healing session - $150 - with Tina Watkins EESTEEBW3

Come to my meditation room at our family farm and experience a channel healing. During your session you will receive a channeled meditation from your guides. This intense session will bring you clarity and exercises to take home and continue your journey.  Your healing journey will be aided by crystals and sacred Tibetan meditation bowls as you are guided through your meditation and/or hands on healing. As you take this time for your emotional body you will awaken your spiritual body and feel the oneness as your vibration is raised and a true wholistic experience of bringing radical joy to mind body and spirit it undertaken. 

Once seated in the meditation chair I will place the crystals whose properties are best suited for your individual healing around and on your body. Once this sacred grid has been completed, you will join me come on a channeled meditative healing journey with me and look into places of fear, lack and low vibration that the guides will help you to heal. Reminding you of your true self worth and internal wonder that is just waiting to shine through. The guides want you to shine and to see yourself as they see you; whole, perfect, wondrous, loving and complete. 

Sessions range in time from 45 min to an hour or just over. 

Breathe Through Your Heart Group Meditation Night - with Tina Watkins EESTEEBW3

*For the next date Contact us for more details*


Come and experience a channeled group meditation night, held once a month at the Watkins farm in beautiful southern Alberta. During this event Tina will channel a guided meditation that will promote wellness, healing, joy, love, and an increase in the vibration within your spiritual, emotional, and physical being. You will receive programmed crystals to use for the evening to support your healing and essential oils will also be used to clear low vibration energy and allow you to be more present during the event. Meditation is a practice that will bring your to the centre of your being, introduce you to your higher self and allow you to shed fear and low vibration energy. By starting to go within, one can truly discover the being that they wish to be, quiet the ego, and thrive. Meditation is a non denominational practice that is recognized by all beings as the true way to understand and connect with ones soul. Once a being can start to love themselves from the inside, then that being can express that love to those around them, as well as the universe. Tina feels meditation has benefited her immensely and feels by teaching others she can help others find their souls path. 


The cost for group meditation night is $20.00 plus a donation to the food bank.

Crystal therapy - with Tina Watkins EESTEEBW3

Crystals and stones have been used since ancient times for their healing properties and beauty. Placing crystals and stones on ones’ body invokes a palpable feeling. The wellness properties of crystals and stones vary from creating joy to healing malfunction of tissue and ridding body of low vibration energy. Placing crystals and stones on the energy centres of the body (chakras), can help to clear these centres, restore energy balance and promote healing.

During my journey of learning about crystals and there healing properties my scientific side kicked in and wondered why and how this works. I conducted several experiments where I would weigh the crystal on a digital food scale prior to placing on the clients’ body.  Recording this weight I would then place the crystal on client and it would remain for the entire healing session. I would record each crystals weight as I took them off the client. Remarkable results are seen from this experiment. The crystal would weigh more where it was in taking low vibrating energies from the client, the client would express that pain in that area was reduced and the area physically and emotionally felt lighter. In areas where the healing qualities if the crystal were being absorbed by the client the crystal would physically weigh less.  This is remarkable to me and proof for a scientific mind that the crystals were working.

Temperature changes in crystals beyond that of the body's temperature were also noted. In areas of pain the crystal would come off the tissue hot with a noted sweat mark where crystal was placed. The horses or dogs are not able to tell you if they feel a pain reduction in words but the commonly accepted methods of autonomic nervous system release were noted. Licking, chewing, lip wiggling and passing gas, deep breathing and relaxation were all present.

Since adding crystal and stone therapy to my therapy tool kit I feel that my massage is easier to perform. The horse or dog seems to release easier and areas of soreness are less guarded. Animals, unlike humans have no placebo effect so to hear from clients that horses feel great after their session that included crystals is the pat on the back I needed to confirm that this is a valued modality to have in my practice. 

Meditation References
To Purchase digital meditations please go to our 'Shop' Page
Meditation Sample - Tina Watkins
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