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Having been involved and around horses her entire life, Tina is truly a horsewoman. To this point, Tina’s mother continued to ride while she was pregnant with Tina – she was truly riding horses before she was walking!


Growing up in rural southern Alberta, Tina was an active member of both 4H and Pony Club. Throughout Tina’s youth and adolescence, horses remained an integral component. Upon completion of high school Tina sought a career that would allow her to make a very positive impact within the equestrian industry, while working with the animals she loved.


With an eagerness to learn, and seeking an opportunity to align her passion and her career, Tina enrolled in the BC College of Equine Therapy certification program.It was during her time in college that Tina developed her personal foundation of ‘lifelong learning.’


Committed in her belief that a strong understanding of anatomy and physiology is essential to bringing value as a therapist, Tina’s studies extended to evenings and weekends of working with live horses to broaden her understanding and gain practical knowledge connected to her formal education.


After graduating from college with Honours, Tina founded Inhand Equine Therapy in 1996. In the early years developing her business, Tina was fortunate to have opportunities to work with equine dentists, veterinarians, farriers and other equine practitioners gaining valuable experience and providing team-based solutions to health issues in elite animal athletes.


As Tina became more experienced, she developed a view of horse health as an interrelated group of components. Although massage and whole body assessment were invaluable to wellness of the animals, Tina identified that other good health and well-being issues needed to be addressed to allow equine athletes to achieve their ultimate level of wellness. Tina began the study of additional modalities that would bring further benefits to her practice and continue to impact the performance of her equine clients. The results have proved to be exceptional, and Tina has incorporated these modalities into all of her equine client sessions. 


Inhand Equine Therapy has flourished and currently boasts a broad equine clientele in all levels of competition and various disciplines. As an active FEI dressage competitor herself, Tina truly understands the unique demands and issues equine-rider partnerships must address.


Teaching is another passion of Tina’s, and she shares her knowledge in a variety of courses every year. Her philosophy of making a very involved topic like equine body work fun is what makes her students not only enjoy her teaching style, but also retain the immense amount of information she has to provide. Her own desire to always continue learning keeps her fresh and excited about every aspect of her career.

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IEBWA: Board Member; International Equine Body Workers Association 

EC: Active Member; Equine Canada 

AEF: Active Member; Alberta Equestrian Federation 

CA/ADA: Active Member; Canadian Association/Alberta Dressage Association 

DC: Active Member; Dressage Canada 

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Tina Watkins E.S.T. E.E.B.W 2

100 194053 128st W

Foothills, AB

T1S 0W9




Directions to Tina's:

take 22x west, past Spruce Meadows,  the school, and Equi Products

look for 69st on the green sign or 128st on the blue sign. Turn left there. Down that road 2 km on the right.

You can meet Tina through the pink door. Massage clinic is on the right side of the driveway.


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