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InHand Collaborations:

When working in the equine industry there is one word that comes up often surrounding the wellness of each horse, that is TEAM.  It takes a team of professionals to bring a horse to its fullest potential and it isn’t about one individual but rather the entire team effort.  With this is mind, Inhand Collaborations was brought about as a way to show how working on a team can be beneficial to every party involved and in fact we can all learn further from one another. 

In our collaborations we will be doing videos (again available on the online podia platform at inhandequinetherapy.podia.com) as well as in person seminars, with professionals from veterinarians, trainers, saddle fitters, farriers and other bodyworkers. Content ranges from quick informative videos to full length courses at price points that are free to affordable. 

Collaboration with industry professionals is key to a well rounded wellness program. At Inhand Equine we value the relationships we have with industry leading individuals. We have partnered to bring you content that is relevant to those working in the horse industry as a professional or those looking to learn more about their equine partner.

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