Crystal therapy - with Tina Watkins EST EEBW3 - included with all Tina's sessions

Crystals and stones have been used since ancient times for their healing properties and beauty. Placing crystals and stones on ones’ body invokes a palpable feeling. The wellness properties of crystals and stones vary from creating joy to healing malfunction of tissue and ridding body of low vibration energy. Placing crystals and stones on the energy centres of the body (chakras), can help to clear these centres, restore energy balance and promote healing.

During my journey of learning about crystals and their healing properties my scientific side kicked in and wondered why and how this works. I conducted several experiments where I would weigh the crystal on a digital food scale prior to placing on the clients’ body.  Recording this weight I would then place the crystal on client and it would remain for the entire healing session. I would record each crystals weight as I took them off the client. Remarkable results are seen from this experiment. The crystal would weigh more where it was in taking low vibrating energies from the client, the client would express that pain in that area was reduced and the area physically and emotionally felt lighter. In areas where the healing qualities if the crystal were being absorbed by the client the crystal would physically weigh less.  This is remarkable to me and proof for a scientific mind that the crystals were working.

Temperature changes in crystals beyond that of the body's temperature were also noted. In areas of pain the crystal would come off the tissue hot with a noted sweat mark where crystal was placed. The horses or dogs are not able to tell you if they feel a pain reduction in words but the commonly accepted methods of autonomic nervous system release were noted. Licking, chewing, lip wiggling and passing gas, deep breathing and relaxation were all present.

Since adding crystal and stone therapy to my therapy tool kit I feel that my massage is easier to perform. The horse or dog seems to release easier and areas of soreness are less guarded. Animals, unlike humans have no placebo effect so to hear from clients that horses feel great after their session that included crystals is the pat on the back I needed to confirm that this is a valued modality to have in my practice.