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Equine Soft Tissue Session - with Tina Watkins EST EEBW3 $150 + Call out fee

During your equine soft tissue session he/she will receive a full body soft tissue session. Your horses’ requirements will be individually assessed and a soft tissue plan will be developed. This program will be sport and individual need specific.

The modalities available for sessions include; massage, myofacial release, crystal therapy, acupressure, cranial sacral therapy, photonic therapy, stretching, aromatherapy, kinesio-taping and range of motion. The horse will be the director of their session as Tina assesses the tissue and decides on a course of action.

On your horses’ soft tissue session Tina will do an assessment of your horse. Each horse owner is left with an individualized program of stretching and exercise therapy that is specific to the needs found during the body work session. This way the owner is empowered to keep working on the horses healing at home. - $150.00

Trainers receive a $15.00 savings on their personal horses’ sessions.

For Sessions that require Tina to travel and an overnight stay, the fee will be $160.00 per session. Travel accommodation and food expense is an additional fee that will be split between participants.

Intensive Soft Tissue Program – if you require several sessions in a row purchase the 3 session package and receive 50% off your third session. Sessions must be used within a 6 week time period, and prepaid at the time of the first session.