Equine Wellness Conference 2022

Dr Hillary Clayton

Where the hoof meets the ground

Dr. Hilary's talk focuses on the interaction between the hoof and the ground. It includes information about the stresseson the limbs during impact, load bearing and breakover. The influence of different types of footing is included.

Dr Hillary Clayton

The importance of ground reaction forces

Dr. Hilary Clayton shares how over ground locomotion of the hooves pressing against the ground to develop ground reaction forces. These forces play a crucial role in the horses performance and also in the development of lameness. Her talk looks at how the forces are transmitted through the limbs, describes the different loading patterns in the walk, rot and canter. She will also explain how the forces influence the development and manifestations of lameness.

Dr Hilary Clayton

Proprioceptive Techniques

Dr. Hilary Clayton reviews the use of performance-enhancing and therapeutic techniques based on the use of proprioceptive stimulation from an evidence-based standpoints.

Dr Hilary Clayton

Question and Answer

Dr Chad Hewlett

Low level lameness and their significance in secondary soft tissue injuries

Dr Shawn Mattson

Postoperative rehabilitation in the equine orthopedic patient.

Dr. Mattson knows that physical therapy is an essential component of postoperative care in the Equine orthopedic patient. The goals of physical rehabilitation are to maximize tissue healing, return the horse to normal function, and improve prognosis. Early return to function is ideal, however it is important that the rehabilitation program takes into consideration the severity of the injury, the type of injury (soft tissue versus bone injury or both), the intended use of the horse and the owners goals for the horse. I will discuss some common orthopedic injuries in horses and some rehabilitation therapies commonly used and the potential pitfalls associated with these therapies.