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Thank you again for your interest in Expand Inhand our division for condoning education and host to our educational platforms. 


The basis of InHand Equine Therapy has always been rooted in striving for one thing….  Mastery.  Mastery of our craft.  Constantly learning and seeking out the root of dysfunction in the client horses through investigation, and breaking down imbalances in biomechanics to craft a back to wellness program specifically designed for that particular horse. A core belief of Inhand Equine Therapy is for the team to keep studying and taking many continuing education courses ourselves, with the thought that the many tools in our tool belt will then benefit horses in the individual way they need to maximize healing.  Our drive has been fuelled by the countless horses we’ve worked with over the years.  

While we continue to work with performance horses on a daily basis, and look for new ways to help them perform in the disciplines they excel at, our focus over the last few years is starting to expand.  

We want to help the professional equine industry gain the knowledge InHand Equine Therapy has been gathering over twenty five years in the industry as therapists and many more years as equestrians.  Our goal is to elevate the work of equine bodyworkers and help set a standard by which other equine professionals and owners can look for when seeking out body workers for their mounts. Looking at the horse in a holistic way we can help fellow bodyworkers in their personal strive for mastery.  

We’ve set up three sub sections to the original InHand Equine Therapy.  Expand InHand Continuing Education, InHand Mentor-Me and InHand Collaborations.  Through these programs we offer in-depth attended courses, online courses and mentorship programs and courses to build this growing community of professionals supporting performance horses.  

Our concept, PODs:

Expand InHand PODs:

Why the word POD? Its simple really, for three peas in a pod, We were looking for a way for people to really learn things, We have been to so many courses over our careers, and have experienced so many different teachers. But all courses seem to be missing one thing, the trial in your own hands. To truly learn something, you have to study it, you have to apply it and find the resonance in your own style and abilities and you have to be able to discuss it with pears to cement it into your practice, Three parts to learning, three peas that sit in the greater POD. 

Our PODs are a continuing education program that has participants coming to three distinct learning sessions. This is a unique way to have the concept of the topic being discussed touched on multiple times.  Therefore giving the participant the opportunity to go home in between the sessions to practice the techniques discussed in their own practices. If questions arise, they can be addressed during the POD sessions and also in a private Facebook page where cases can also be weighed in on by multiple participants and lecturers.   The sessions are called “the study”, “the application” and “the discussion”.  


The Study, 

Here participants will hear from top industry professionals selected for the topic for their knowledge and passion on the subject, present for an intensive full day presentation.  These dynamic presentations have included classroom lecture time, as well as arena and barn practical time to assess and palpate the horses. We have had unbelievable feedback from the study portion, with the extraordinary equine professionals that have partnered with us, the content has been sensational. 

Our 2020 PODs are complete, we studied Movement Assessment with Dr Erin Thompson, Hind Limb dysfunction with Dr Suzon Schaal and Head, Neck and Poll Dysfunction with Dr Sarah Pedersen, SI and Back Dysfunction with Dr Chad Hewlett and Forelimb, Shoulder and Thoracic Sling with Dr Shawn Mattson. What an incredible season, we can’t thank our presenters enough. 


The Application

Have you ever gone to a course, enjoyed the presentation loved the concepts and found that nothing in your practice changed? This is why the pod concept is so much different than any other course you have taken. The application is the time where the topic is worked with specifically on how it applies to you business and how you can incorporate the concepts to change your practice. This application is a half day presentation by Tina Watkins EST, EEBW3 to further expand on the topic, talk in-depth about applying the topic to client horses and go over any questions participants came across in the time frame between the study and the application. After this day, our goal is to have participants armed with how to use the topic as a tool in their wellness tool belt. 


The Discussion, 

This is an evening roundtable talk between all participants, Tina Watkins and Kim Krebs, where any pros and cons of moves presented or concepts learned are touched on again and explained further or insight given on how horses responded.  It’s also a way for people to network with other professionals and expand their teams to better their businesses. Where participants can really hash out what is working and why, and what is not working for them and how to implement it better, or look at it differently. 


POD concept,

The idea to have the three sections to each POD approximately 2 weeks apart, is to allow participants the ability to go back to their practices and utilize the techniques and theories discussed.  It can be overwhelming at times during courses as so much information is being given, to be able to fully absorb the information.  This concept is meant to allow participants that opportunity to feel very confident that they have a complete understanding and in-depth knowledge of the topic being discussed. For those lucky enough to attend a POD in person, a private facebook page is made where participants can post up to 10 case studies, receive feedback and develop their eye. For those that purchase an online POD, one case study for full assessment and feedback. 


Participant feedback on the program has been amazing and were super excited about the next PODs we have lined up, join us for this innovative education!! Our unique pod concept has revolutionized the advanced learning for those already working in the equine industry. Available to all those working with horses, veterinarians, farriers, body workers, saddle fitters, trainers, grooms and veterinary technicians.

Continuing education for equine professionals 

​Expand Inhand is happy to offer education clinics for horse owners and riders. These can be booked by your barn or organization and done privately for your members. Here is an example of the courses offered regularly by Expand Inhand, but if there is a topic your barn is wanting presented, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to discuss putting a program tougher for your individual needs. Also watch our social media or our educational calendar here for owners events on the docket. 


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