Breathe Through Your Heart Group Meditation Night - with Tina Watkins EST EEBW3 - $20 + food donation

*For the next date Contact us for more details*


Come and experience a channeled group meditation night, held once a month at the Watkins farm in beautiful southern Alberta. During this event Tina will channel a guided meditation that will promote wellness, healing, joy, love, and an increase in the vibration within your spiritual, emotional, and physical being. You will receive programmed crystals to use for the evening to support your healing and essential oils will also be used to clear low vibration energy and allow you to be more present during the event. Meditation is a practice that will bring your to the centre of your being, introduce you to your higher self and allow you to shed fear and low vibration energy. By starting to go within, one can truly discover the being that they wish to be, quiet the ego, and thrive. Meditation is a non denominational practice that is recognized by all beings as the true way to understand and connect with ones soul. Once a being can start to love themselves from the inside, then that being can express that love to those around them, as well as the universe. Tina feels meditation has benefited her immensely and feels by teaching others she can help others find their souls path. 


The cost for group meditation night is $20.00 plus a donation to the food bank.