Channeled healing session  - with Tina Watkins EST EEBW3 - $150

Come to my meditation room at our family farm and experience a channel healing. During your session you will receive a channeled meditation from your guides. This intense session will bring you clarity and exercises to take home and continue your journey.  Your healing journey will be aided by crystals and sacred Tibetan meditation bowls as you are guided through your meditation and/or hands on healing. As you take this time for your emotional body you will awaken your spiritual body and feel the oneness as your vibration is raised and a true wholistic experience of bringing radical joy to mind body and spirit it undertaken. 

Once seated in the meditation chair I will place the crystals whose properties are best suited for your individual healing around and on your body. Once this sacred grid has been completed, you will join me come on a channeled meditative healing journey with me and look into places of fear, lack and low vibration that the guides will help you to heal. Reminding you of your true self worth and internal wonder that is just waiting to shine through. The guides want you to shine and to see yourself as they see you; whole, perfect, wondrous, loving and complete. 

Sessions range in time from 45 min to an hour or just over.