About Kim Krebs EST EEBW2


A keen rider and competitor, Kim Krebs EST EEBW2 has been involved with horses from an early age.  Once here family moved to a smaller town in northern BC at 11years of age, ownership of a horse and more in-depth learning took hold.  Her initial start in open shows and being exposed to multiple disciplines in the Peace Region of Northern BC, led her to start her career in the horse industry at Olds College in their Equine Science program, majoring in Western Training.  Once completing her externship in Australia for the Western program and graduating with honours, Kim continued at Olds college for a second diploma in Agricultural Business, graduating once again with honours.

From here it was onto working within the working cow horse and cutting horse industries that her passion for western events took root.  It was while working as an assistant to professional trainers and watching the development of young horses that she first became interested in further use of different modalities to enhance the overall wellbeing and performance ability of horses.  Feeling like the horses had great programs already but knowing that perhaps there was more that could be done to help enhance their natural abilities through working with kinematics and soft tissue work.

This started her journey on learning equine bodywork over a decade ago at the BC college of Equine Therapy.  Seeing the success of the horses that were in her practice as well as the feedback from the trainers, veterinarians and other professionals involved in the horses care, made her decision to work full time as a bodyworker.


It was during this transition time that Kim was faced with some serious health problems.  Once again, a combined use of both traditional medicine as well as other modalities such as acupuncture and cranial sacral therapy, helped her come through these health problems with great success.  It fed her desire to then use what she had felt within her own body to expand her knowledge of other modalities in the equine realm.  Diving even deeper into further studies and eventually coming to work with InHand Equine Therapy in Tina’s mentorship program.  It was through the mentorship of Tina, that Kim has really felt her groove of bodywork take hold as well as her knowledge of the biomechanics and postural balance especially, bloom.


While working directly with horses continues to be a large part of her workload, the development of courses with InHand Equine Therapy is now a growing passion.   An interest in adult education through her father's teaching, since she was a child, has only fuelled the flames of wanting to bring Tina’s knowledge to all equine professionals to grow this industry.  Since coming on board with InHand Equine Therapy in 2018, the continuing education of equine professionals has taken root to bring these types of courses to the industry.  Her belief that education is a life long process, spurs her on to bring innovative course content to all participants and continue her own development as well.


Thank you:

My journey to date has been varied with many hills and valleys of emotion and life altering events.  But through it all I cannot be more grateful for the people that surround me and have come into my life because of it all.  My family and friends who has been a support to me my entire life and who has always propped me up when I could not always stand on my own two feet, specifically my sisters Paige and Lesley.  To the Brander Family who endured the most difficult time of my life with me, showing a love so immense only my heart could explain.  My husband who came into my life more recently but who is the most solid individual I know.  Without his steadfast, unwavering love and friendship I would likely not be where I am today.  To all my mentors that have shown a once pure city kid the ropes of the equine world and the joy that these animals can share with us.  I especially need to highlight the trainers I’ve worked closely with, Brad Pedersen and Doug Reinhardt.  To all the equine professionals that have been willing to share their time and knowledge while I have honed my abilities, Dr Chad Hewlett and Dr Sarah Pedersen often, but also all the participants to our continuing education courses for the questions you ask and your ability to open up for the sake of the horses.  To Dr Lori Harris who’s treatments are the cornerstone to my health and without a doubt a major contributor to my life today.  And of course, to the lady that has been my teacher, my mentor and my friend, to Tina Watkins.  You have opened my world in not only just the equine industry but as a human being as well, words fail me to appropriately give thanks for all that you have done to help me develop my skills, my knowledge and myself.

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