Equine Soft Tissue Session - with Kim Krebs EST EEBW $100 + Call out fee

Once contacted for an equine session with me, I will have you submit some paperwork to better understand your horse’s needs prior to arriving on site.  I specifically will ask about current and previous health conditions, any previous bodywork, husbandry care, current vet care and any other relevant history to your horse.  Once that is established I will have a discussion with you to determine what your goals are in having bodywork done with your horse, are you looking at a program for the year and what are your performance goals for the horse this season? Read more...


When I arrive on site I will perform a static and dynamic assessment of your horse to determine what areas your horse specifically needs attention to.  I will then do a physical palpation of your horses’ tissue as well as feel the rhythm of craniosacral system to mesh what I evaluated in the static and dynamic assessments to what I feel under my hands.  The session will start depending on what the horses needs are, and I will use both massage therapy as well as craniosacral therapy as my main modalities to work on the soft tissue in order to release areas of specific concern felt in the individual horse.  Other modalities such as kinesiology tape may be used as well to help elongate effects of the massage or support tissue that I feel requires it. 


Each session is unique to each horse and to each time the horse is worked on.  I will finish by giving you further information specific to how the session went in order for you to continue with follow up exercises and stretches to ensure your horse gets the utmost help throughout the timeframe before your next session with me. - $100.00


As a student of InHand Equine Therapy mentorship program, the assessments and treatment outcomes will be shared with Tina Watkins and any additional guidance she can give will be incorporated into the treatment plan.