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One on One Mentorship Program

Tina Watkins EST, EEBW3 desire to help the equine body work community has been growing for the last several years. It’s through mentorship herself with some of the industries top veterinarians that has helped Tina develop a unique way of looking at the horse, and rocketed her body work sessions from good to phenomenal. The body work community has embraced Tina as a mentor locally and the expansion of this was the next step. Tina has instructed in Canada for several international programs and has been lecturing for decades.  Through teaching these intensive courses, she has honed her skills to ensure that each student is able to comprehend the material presented in a way that is beneficial to them.  She continues her teaching year round by mentoring aspiring bodyworkers one on one.  

This year we thought it would be beneficial to utilize her skills and reach out to individuals globally through our online platform and the Mentor Me program.  Mentor me has several avenues on can participate in. We host live Mentor Me events, these dates can be viewed on the education schedule. We are super excited to invite you to indulge in the mentorship content we offer on our education platform. Link to our program here.

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Inhand Equine Therapy is excited to announce our Mentorship Program!

There is nothing like real time experience when working on tissue to deepen your knowledge and explore what you are feeling under your hands.

But what if you're not sure what you are feeling? Or maybe you know what you're feeling and need a new tool for your toolkit to make the changes you seek.

Tina’s Mentorship Program will:

·   Be specifically designed to your individual requirements or group requirements

·   Allow you to share in Tina’s experience and her ability to connect with individuals will allow you to improve your body work practice by attaining and refining your skill set(s)

·   Help improve your analysis of tissue and biomechanical issues

·   Enhance how and what you feel in the tissue

·   Add tools to your tool belt that create change and help you attain your professional development goals

·   Mentoring is an excellent way to connect, learn and develop understanding and may qualify for PDH


Inhand Equine Mentorship Program is a two-fold initiative that participants can optimize for increasing their knowledge and developing a problem specific specialty.


Inhand's why, on mentorship

The more we at Inhand learn, the more we know there is SO much more to learn. Our founding body worker, Tina Watkins is a seeker. She has taken courses or done mentorship with Veterinarians from all over the world  yearly for the last 25 years of practice. Through this learning, she is sure that coming together to learn from one and other is KEY to really understanding the function of the equine athlete and how we as wellness practitioners can delve deeper into uncovering the core of what is limiting these athletes from being a top level performer. 

Part I - 1 on 1 Mentorship

With one on one mentorship, you will receive:

·   Problem Specific Learning.

·   Address a specific biomechanical issue with client animal, or close a basic gap in knowledge.  If possible, Tina will find a horse with a similar problem for hands-on experience.

·   In the session; Tina and student(s) will address; assessments, session planning and soft tissue issues the student may encounter with clients. 

·   Students will add a skill to their tool kit with each session. Each session is customized to the students learning style.


1 on 1 Mentoring - $150.00 /hour for one student or $200/hr for 2 or more people to a maximum of 3 students


**Group sessions available to share the cost. If you have fellow Body Workers, all working on the same problem, let’s have you team up.** Simply approach Tina with the learning goals and number of people that want to learn and she will come up with an individualized program for your group. 


Collaboration is key to success.

**All individuals applying for Mentorship with Inhand Equine must sign the liability disclaimer. Inhand Equine assumes no liability for any incidents related to transportation or your presence at individual barns.  Students must follow all posted rules of individual barns.


Part II – Shadow Day

Join Tina for the day as she works on Client horses. On this day you observe Tina in action and can ask unlimited questions.

As Tina will be working on her clients’ horses, you will gain insight of;

·        Owner/Trainer/Bodyworker relationship building,

  • how to grow synergetic Client relationships that breed results for the horse,

·        how to provide easy to understand explanations for educating Clients on their horses body and needs. 

You will gain new understanding of;

·   How to deliver take home programs to benefit the horse and owner/trainer that adds to building great value in your own business.

·   You will feel tissue that you may not have been able to identify in the past and learn what to do with that tissue. 

·   Your knowledge gaps and strengths will be identified with questions from Tina that will take your practice from good to great when you lean in and make the most of this opportunity. 


Shadow Day - $150.00/ per day (you must provide your own transportation/lunch.)

If you have a passion for anatomy, biomechanics and offering the best for your horse and human clients, this opportunity is for you!


**All individuals applying for Mentorship with Inhand Equine must sign the liability disclaimer. Inhand Equine assumes no liability for any incidents related to transportation or your presence at individual barns.  Students must follow all posted rules of individual barns.

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