Movement Analysis - with Tina Watkins EST EEBW3 $75-175.00

Movement analysis is an invaluable tool for a clients knowledge of what is currently happening with their horse. It allows the client to see the restrictions in the horses’ gate, and through this knowledge be able to develop a treatment and riding program that will bring the correct wellness practitioners to the horse. Dependent on how in-depth you would like your analysis and the time involved, the cost fluctuates. The full session is a two hour time slot that involves the owner in every step of the process. This will involve the owner in the horses’ assessment of asymmetries, the movement restrictions, muscle deviations, and signs of stress. This is session also comes with the videos and pictures of their horse showing the asymmetries, emailed to the owner for future reference. This will allow the owner to refer to the videos/photos in the future and see the strides the horse has made with the exercise program Tina has customize for your horse. This service has received great reviews from the test clients that participated. Bookings for those clients that require a quick overview of their horse or a follow up movement assessment, are easily accommodated. This would include the same analysis, without the client involvement portion or the video and picture email portion; cost is $75.00 - $175.00